Á döfinni

Dagskrá vor 2024

Núvitund hugleiðslukvöld hefjast 16. janúar

þriðjudaga kl. 20.00 – 21.30

Vipassana – dharmastund – metta

Á vorönn 2024 bjóðum við uppá hugleiðslukvöld og kyrrðarvökur með kennslu Buddha Dharma að leiðarljósi. Á þriðjudagskvöldum er stutt hugleiðing, hugleiðsla 30 mín, gönguhugleiðsla, te og dharmastund, metta og möntrur í lokin. Á kyrrðardögum er iðkað í þögn 8 – 14, kyrrðardagar hefjast á meðvitaðri hreyfingu, leidd hugleiðsla, gönguhugleiðsla, dharmahugleiðing, matarhugleiðsla, gönguhugleiðsla, metta hugleiðsla, möntrur í lokin.



in english

23. april, 30. apríl, 7. maí 14. maí 

In this series, we will explore how mindfulness meditation can be an invaluable tool in one of the most essential features of human interaction: Communication. We’ll delve into the Buddhist concept of wise speech, the importance of mindful listening, and how to bring our whole self to all communication. This series draws inspiration from Oren J. Sofer’s book “Say what you mean” and the work of journalist Charles Duhigg. Each session will include a silent meditation, a talk on mindful communication, and an opportunity for group sharing.

23 April: Right Speech
30 April: Mindful Listening
7 May: Mindfulness of inner speech
14 May: Communicating mindfully




A day of mindfulness meditation – in english

April 28th 8 AM – 2 PM

As the natural world awakens with the changing season, it’s a time of renewal for us as well. Join us for a day of mindfulness meditation and mindful movement to tap into the vibrant energy of the season. We’ll focus on cultivating kindness, compassion, and gratitude to nurture both inner softness and strength as we face life’s daily flow.

We will practice in beautiful Yogavin, located on the 3rd floor. The entrance is at the back of the house, plenty of parking spots there.
A light lunch will be provided; no need to come with anything other than your whole self, and comfortable clothes 🙏

Nicole Keller will be providing guidance and the day will be held in english.

8.00 Welcome
8.10 Mindful movement
8.50 Relaxation
9.00 Guided meditation – loving kindness
9.30 Tea
9.45 Lightly guided meditation
10.30 Walking meditation
10.45 Talk – cultivating a kind and resilient heart
11.15 Guided meditation – compassion
11.45 Light lunch (mindful eating practice)
12:15 Mindful movement
12.30 Lightly guided meditation
13.15 Walking meditation
13.30 Guided meditation – gratitude
Dana / donations (suggested amount 3.000-10.000)

Please register here so that we know how much food to prepare.



Saturdays 10.00 – 11.30 AM, 6 april til 28 april

Price 15.000 – included access to all classes April 6th – May 6th
Registration www.yogavin.is

If you want to understand your mind, sit down and observe it”.
Anagarika Munindra
Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool to:
● Navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs
● See reality clearly and accept it
● Cultivate compassion for oneself and for others
This course will equip you with basic mindfulness meditation techniques, including:
● Mindfulness of breath and body
● Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions
● Heart practices such as kindness and compassion
● Practices that can be applied to daily life challenges
Each class includes:
● Gentle mindful movement
● Instructions and teachings based on buddhist psychology
● Sitting and walking meditation practices
● Q&A and group discussion (Icelandic welcome, with English summary)
Note: the course will be taught in english.


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 MAY 16th – 21st 2024

Awakening loving presence

In the still pool of retreat silence, we will engage in meditative practices together in order to open to the possibility of seeing ourselves and others more clearly with wisdom and compassion. Infusing our body, heart and mind with awareness, we will explore together aspontaneous, wise and open-hearted relationship with the moment-to-moment changing flow of life’s experience.

Awareness practice can also reveal layers of physical and emotional tension and pain. We may see our tendency to get caught in distracting storylines and beliefs that disconnects us from the fullness of our experience. Therefore, as we open to the truth of the moment, we learn to cultivate a capacity forcompassionately holding our suffering and transforming it into a deep sense of well-being. Only by turningwithin and deeply sensing and feeling can we know the true heart’s release that is possible for all of us.

Within the beauty of the surrounding nature, we will deepen into mindful awareness and awaken our hearts together through alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. There will also be work meditations, movement practices and guided meditations, along with dharma talks and individual and group discussions– all to steady us, to sustain us and to enliven our hearts. Held in noble silence, there will also be open periods to find your individual rhythm in the retreat.

Sharda and Ásta invite both new and experienced meditators to participate in this deep immersion into awakening True Being.

All are welcome.

 image (2)Sharda Rogell has been practising and teaching Buddhist insight meditation for over 30 years devoting her life to guide people on the spirtiual path. She has among many other places tought at Gaia House in England, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in northern California, where she was on the Teacher Council for many years. She has been influenced by many different spiritual traditions, including her root teacher, H. W. L. Poonja, during her many trips to India. Sharda is a student in the Diamond Heart School with Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson for over 20 years.


Ásta Arnardóttir has been practising yoga and meditation from 1997 and teaching yoga from 1999. She runs Yogavin where she teaches yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, mantras, yoga teacher training as well as hosting various events of sacred gatherings of healing the body, mind and heart. She is a foundation member of “Félag um vipassana hugleiðslu” and has tought silent retreats from 2010 honoring the sacred medicine of noble silence and the creative practices of yoga, meditation, mantras and deep relaxation for healing and liberation.

The retreat is tought in english and held in Skálholtsbúðir, beautiful medition hall, double rooms and a hot pot.

The retreat starts Thursday May 16th at 18 PM and finishes on Tuesday May 21st at noon.

Gunnhildur Emilsdóttir cooks delicious vegitarian food.

Price: accomodation and food ( 5 nights ) 80.000 ISK

Teaching: Dana / donation based 

Confirmation 30.000 ISK before March 15th